Eastern Region MTB Series

After a dismal round one were I managed to break my chain and cassette on the warm up lap and so was a DNS, I thought I'd better prepare properly for round 2.

Nik P and I were entered and I made the extra trip out to Thetford the Wednesday before to ride the "warm up" event, which allows riders to ride the course. Having laid to rest the demon of a huge bombhole, the course looked good but very sandy as it was so dry.

I sent Nik a route report and we were set for Sunday afternoon.

The warm up took about 25 minutes so I was guessing my angry laps would be 20-23 minutes, so the plan was for 6 laps.


I meet Nik at the start and was 2 bikes behind him on the line. There were 75 of us in the Vert Male 2 hour event but once we were off, that was the last I saw of Nik. He was flying. He said he got off to a cracking start but had a fall on the 2nd lap. Fall or not, he was doing much better than me!

On the first lap, there was quite a bit of traffic especially at the first slightly technical section and the bombhole which slowed the lap a bit and the first one came in at 21 minutes.

The next 2 were pretty consistant at long 20's, then as the slower riders tired and faster riders pass, the combination slows the pace a little. (I need to practise my passing skills) and so again I was back to the long 21 minutes.

Lap 5 I was getting a bit tired and decided to take it steady for a mile or 2 and recover so it came in at a mid 22, but the last lap felt good and I was putting loads of effort in but the traffic was stacking up so again it was a 22 minute lap.

The results for Nik and I were as follows;

Winning time for our category
Andrew Manning
Lap (1) 00:16:18, (2) 00:17:10, (3) 00:17:28, (4) 00:17:41, (5) 00:17:38 (6) 00:17:53, (7) 00:17:55
Total time 2:02:03

(1) 00:19:21, (2) 00:20:35, (3) 00:20:24, (4) 00:20:09, (5) 00:20:35 (6) 00:20:29, (7) 00:23:33
Total time 2:25:06
Final position 29th

(1) 00:21:07, (2) 00:20:57, (3) 00:20:52, (4) 00:21:11, (5) 00:22:13 (6) 00:22:42
Total time 2:09:02
Final position 44th

Round 3 is on 5th June at Tunstall Forrest

Any takers???

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