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iCycle Events

Sat, Oct 8th, 10:00am
Saturday Ride - Budna Loop - 30 miles
Sat, Oct 8th, 10:15am
Saturday Gravel Ride
Sun, Oct 9th, 8:00am
Papworth (62.2 miles/2,164 ft)
Sun, Oct 9th, 9:00am
Lower Gravenhurst Reversed (35.2miles/1152ft)
Sat, Oct 15th, 10:00am
Saturday Ride - Budna Loop - 30 miles
Sun, Oct 16th, 8:30am
Winslow New (62.5miles/2920ft)
Sun, Oct 16th, 8:30am
Winslow New (62.5miles/2920ft)
Sun, Oct 16th, 9:00am
Poddington Reversed (36.7miles/1471ft)
Sat, Oct 22nd, 10:00am
Saturday Ride - Budna Loop - 30 miles
Sun, Oct 23rd, 8:30am
Dunstable Downs (62.7miles/2911ft)

Have you ever fancied the challenge of riding the routes of your cycling heroes?  The Ventoux, the Marmotte, the Tour De France Etape, the Hell of the North, Paris-Roubaix? Or closer to home; the challenge of the Etape Caledonia or the Beast of Exmoor.

All of these challenging rides involves either considerable distance, or considerable climbing, or both, sometimes in extreme conditions.  Such challenging rides can either be officially timed and recorded through organised bodies or done unofficially with friends or colleagues at the rider's own discretion - lets face it, just completing the distance/climb is challenge enough.

Whatever your challenge, iCycle members can help you to achieve your goals through training, support and advice.

Some iCycle members target sportives and etapes throughout the year, and these will appear on the Calendar of Events. Sometimes this involves organised iCycle trips and sometimes a group of individual members will get together through the iCycle Hub to arrange their own participation in such challenges.

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