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iCycle Events

Wed, Dec 7th, 9:00am
Castle Ashby - MWR - 42 miles
Sat, Dec 10th, 10:00am
Saturday Ride - Budna Loop - 30 miles
Sun, Dec 11th, 9:00am
Potterspury (55.5miles/2209ft)
Sun, Dec 11th, 9:00am
Northill (39.9 miles / 1,273 ft)
Fri, Dec 16th, 7:00pm
Royal Gurkha Social
Sat, Dec 17th, 10:00am
Saturday Ride - Budna Loop - 30 miles
Sun, Dec 18th, 9:00am
Letchworth (50.5miles/1716ft)
Sun, Dec 18th, 9:00am
Hitchin (54.2miles/2107ft)
Sun, Dec 18th, 9:30am
Grafham Water Update (33.2miles/1169ft)
Sun, Dec 18th, 9:30am
Toddington (37.2miles/1466ft)

Social Rides and events at iCycle, for connecting with others and sharing experiences.

Fun rides are not fast, not competitive and not particularly exerting but they are enjoyable.

The Sunday Club Ride at iCycle is an opportunity to do a medium distance, medium paced ride amongst the support of other cyclists of similar fitness as well as experienced and knowledgeable cyclists. Nobody gets left behind.

Enjoy the company of others on quiet and interesting routes and keep fit at the same time.

iCycle also organise regular get-together events which may range from a weekend away cycling on interesting routes throughout the UK, to a short local ride at a leisurely pace followed by a drink or two, or lunch, in a local country pub or cafe.

We also organise periodic social events throughout the year which take place in and around Bedford.

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