Cycle specific training at iCycle, for fitness, core strength and technique.

Starting in October, and running throughout the winter, iCycle provides weekly cycle specific spinning classes at Fitness First, Aspects Leisure Park , Bedford. 

Unlike standard spinning classes, our classes are cycle-specific and cater for all levels of ability. They are designed to improve fitness, core strength and cycling techniques with like minded members within a progressive and controlled environment, allowing you to continue your training whatever the weather. They are also designed to give you a better understanding of how each of the session contributes to improving your ability as a cyclist. Finish off each training session by testing your increasing fitness by enjoying our static ten minute time trial test. As Greg Lemond said, "It never gets easier, you just go faster".

After each spinning session, you can warm down with a gentle swim in the swimming pool, or if you are a triathlete, you can also get on the treadmill.  Full use of LA Fitness fully equipped gym is included in the spinning session fee.

(Please note that there is a nominal additional charge for this training to cover the cost of hiring the gymnasium and the spin bike equipment).

Also throughout the winter, weather permitting, all iCycle members join together (Sunday Club riders, time triallists and road racers) to turn the legs on a ride throughout Bedfordshire's quiet country lanes, every Saturday and Sunday morning.

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