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Information for new members

A warm welcome from iCycle. We would suggest you explore the website to familiarise yourself with available  rides, club and group riding and any other activities.

Attending Events

What rides are available for me to join? 

Future rides will be found in the iCycle Events Calendar. Please register your intention to attend the events you want to participate in. You will see the Sign-up list and Attend button near the bottom of the Events Calendar page. You will need to register for a group and speed of ride  however you are free to change this decision once at the start if you decide a different paced ride would be preferable. When you register you will see who else has signed up for the ride and in which group. 

Please be aware that weather conditions may change between now and the start of the ride. Please check the iCycle website and WhatsApp groups on the morning of the ride, prior to setting off from home, to see if there are any announcements regarding the ride.

Please be aware that the clubs British Cycling insurance only covers the club.  We ride and make the decision to ride at our own risk.  We encourage all members to take out personal cycling insurance. 

WhatsApp Groups

We have a number of WhatsApp Groups where we post information about forthcoming rides and club information.  Please sign up see this page to sign up to the various WhatsApp Groups

New to cycling and group cycling?

If you are not confident in riding in close formation with other cyclists on public roads, and/or unsure of the Club riding rules and etiquette, please ride with the Sunday Social/Short rides to develop your confidence in group riding. These rides have a formal Ride Leader and are designed for people who are new to Club cycling.  You will receive appropriate advice on these rides. Please make yourself known to the event leader or coordinator on arrival so he/she knows you are in attendance and will take special care of you until you find your feet within the Club.

If you are not familiar or confident with riding in a group please familiarise yourself with the information on Club Riding This can be found on Club Riding page, under Members Information,   and covers  the role of group leaders, club ride etiquette and group riding techniques.  

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that could affect your ability to complete the ride and you believe others should be aware of we would encourage you to ensure the Ride Leader is aware, in case of emergency.

Upload your Photo

If you have not already done so, please go to Your Profile Page and upload a recognisable image of yourself (i.e. showing your face).  This is a requirement of your membership, and enables the ride leaders to recognise you when you attend your first events with iCycle. It can be as a jpg, gif or png format. If you have difficulty, it is probably because it is bigger than the permitted size. You can send it to the Website Coordinator if you continue to have difficulty. The Website Coordinator will upload it for you.

Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask us about anything you are concerned about, or any questions you have.  Most iCycle events on the Calendar listings provide a name of the person coordinating the respective event.  You can use the Private Messaging  system or club WhatsApp group to contact them.

Also, on the top menu item Club Information you will see a list of the Committee Members and what they are respectively in charge of.  Please do not hesitate to drop any one of them a message if you need further information. 

We are looking forward to meeting you at the first ride you attend.  Please make yourself known to the event leader or coordinator so he/she knows you are in attendance and will take special care of you until you find your feet within the Club.

Again, welcome to iCycle and Happy Cycling!

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