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Club Riding

This page gives existing members and new members information on riding in the club and, importantly, on group riding techniques that will make all rides more enjoyable and safer. PLEASE READ THESE SECTIONS PRIOR TO CYCLING WITH US. 

Please be ware that the clubs British Cycling insurance only covers the club. We ride and make the decision to ride at our own risk. We encourage all members to take out personal cycling insurance. 

Club Ride Etiquette

Club rides are social, recreational rides or training rides. These are the things you should bear in mind to ensure that we all enjoy club rides and and stay safe!


The Role of a Ride Leader

The role of a ride leader is to deliver a safe, enjoyable and inclusive cycling experience.These are the key points that Ride Leaders (or whoever is filling that role) should follow.


Basic Group Riding Skills

This article is an ideal starting point if you have not ridden in a group before.These are a few key points to remember - and some excellent videos on the best way to ride in a group

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The Aerodynamics of Group Riding

Riding in a group is great fun, sociable and more efficient but needs everyone to understand the basic techniques of doing so.  A properly ordered group rides aims, when safe to do so, two abreast and a minimal distance from the rider in front.  From time to time to ensure everyone's safety, to adapt to the conditions or to ride even more efficiently the formation might change.  Read more....  

Singling-Out - Safe and Swift Filing

Singling-out from a group ride formation of 2-abreast to single file is a tricky manoeuvre, but sometimes has to be done swiftly and efficiently.  If not everyone in the group knows how to do it properly, it can be messy, and sometimes a touch of wheels can result in an accident.  So here are the how's and why's of singling-out properly. Read more....

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Rotating - Doing your turn on the front

When staring down the barrel of a headwind, no-one likes to be on the front for too long.  So often the best solution is to share the load and for each member of the group take their fair turn on the front. 

Whether there is a head wind or not rotating is great way to evenly share the work load.  

In such situations, many group riders will adopt the "rotation" method of sharing the load and ensuring that everyone gets a fair share of the rest and recuperation afforded by the shelter of their fellow riders.

This needs to be agreed as a group so everyone know what is happening. Additionally, the side you are rotating on which will be dictated by the wind direction needs to be agreed.

Importantly when you hit the front do not accelerate away, ease off the next the next rider can hit the front.  See the video in the Group Riding section.

Signaling for safe rides 

To ensure everyone completes there ride safely and can cycle in as relaxed way is possible signaling to communicate through the ride is essential.  There are a number of universally adopted signals that should be understood and used.  These are in the video below.

GCN – Ride signalling

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