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The Role of a Ride Leader

The role of a ride leader is to deliver a safe, enjoyable and inclusive cycling experience.

These are the key points that Ride Leaders (or whoever is filling that role) should follow.

Where there is only one ride leader the ride should be lead from the rear.

As a rear ride leader you should:

· Know the route

· Constantly look ahead

· Communicate clearly

· Act decisively at junctions

· Be polite to other road users

· Know your rights and your responsibilities as a road user

· Thank drivers who show courtesy and overtake with consideration

Pre ride:

· Complete a safety check to ensure that all ride participants Bike, Helmet and Clothing are appropriate for the ride

· Appoint an experienced rider in the group who has the route to be navigator.

· During the ride look out for:-

· Group splits

· Fatigued riders

· Road closures/diversions

· Changing weather

In the unlikely event of an accident:

· Don't panic

· Make the casualty safe

· Make the group safe

· Call the emergency services if required

At the end of the ride:

· Finish on a high

· Thank the riders

· Tell them about the next rides and other cycling opportunities

· Ask for feedback

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